Written for Liquid Dogmas project, curated by Martin Piaček. Artwork - Zbyněk Baladrán: Exomoon of Extrasolar Planet 1SWASP J140747.93−394542.6bIII (2020) [Courtesy of artist and Gandy Gallery]

In his Technic and Magic (2018), the breath-taking journey to the depths of the ideological assumptions that shape the battlefield of reality, the Italian philosopher Federico Campagna hears „a rumour about a passage hidden within the battlefield leading to a forest beyond it.“@@1 As it turns out, this hidden passage seems to be a wormhole, one that takes you beyond the fabric of the world, unveiling its hidden scaffolding. Here lies according to Campagna the realm of metaphysics, accounting not just for basic ontological questions of „What does exist?“ and „What is existence?“, but also for „what is possible and what is impossible within our world.“@@2 Seeing the map of the reality dominated by instrumental rationality he labels as the world of the „Technic“, he attempts to reconstruct the reality otherwise, re-enchanting the world under the banner of „Magic“. While under the regime of the „Technic“, the reality is rendered as completely foldable into a system of linguistic classification, „Magic“ brings back the moment of that which exceeds verbalisation: the „Ineffable“, the excessive, the poetic.

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